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Luckily for those of us in the DMV area, "The Bin Men" will keep your waste receptacle hygienically clean, with a cost-efficient service. 

Neither your city nor your waste pickup service is coming back to clean your dirty trash bins/ cans for you.

And you likely don't want to think about what's left in your bins after they're emptied and left in the sun all day. 

Aching back pains from DIY cleaning, and using chemicals that can go into the storm drain are what some try to do by cleaning it themselves.

Which creates hazards for pets and children playing innocently outside. Such chemicals are strong-smelling and should not be inhaled. 

The recommended initial cleaning for new customers is sanitize, and deodorize to begin maintaining proper care of their trash bins. 

From there, we suggest to our customers to get on a regular maintenance schedule. 

A good 40 percent of our customers have their bins cleaned monthly and 50 percent every two weeks.

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